Where can we vape? March 28 2015

Where can we vape?

Traditional cigarettes have a clear area of use that is outdoors and in private properties. There are, however, open areas that are prohibited such as near a school or a hospital. But it is very clear where you can smoke and where not.

However electronic cigarettes are not as regulated as tobacco and there is no legislation at present that bans you to smoke indoors. Only in public administrations it is forbidden to vape. That is, in all entities that belong to the government like schools, town halls, tax offices, post offices, etc. is prohibited to vape.

However, in other indoor places there is no law prohibiting vaping. So you can vape in restaurants, in airplanes, at work, etc? The answer is: it depends on the local, business, or company, etc. There are restaurants where there is no problem to vape because the owners have decided it this way, while in others the policy of the restaurant is different and it is prohibited to vape. Fast food chains such as McDonald's, authorize to vape inside, but others such as Starbucks Coffee forbid it. It depends on the policy of the company.

Inside planes, it happens exactly the same. Depending on the company we fly with, we will be able to vape or not. There are companies where it is not allowed to vape within their aircraft while in others you can.

At work you can also vape, since there is no law against it, but everything depends on the decision of the employer. Everything depends if for example some coworkers complain about the vapor exhaled by the vapers. In this case the employer may forbid to vape inside. But if the employer decides to allow their workers to vape at work this could increase the productivity (if people smoke they have to go outside and lose work time).

Inside public transport, as it a government property, it is not allowed to vape.

In summary, we can say that you can vape in many public places, both outdoors and indoors, but in most cases is the owner who decides whether it is allowed to vape or not because there is no law that regulates the use of the electronic cigarette at present. In the absence of any regulatory law is the local owner who takes the final decision.

It's about time, surely, that the sector will be regularized and there will be a law that makes it clear where and when you can vape. If we consider that electronic cigarettes produces no odor and are not harmful to others (unlike snuff), it is likely that the future approved law will be very close to the interests of the vapers. It is still a very new product and it is necessary to study its long-term effects. Once known, the sector will be regularized and this will definitely be a good way to stabilize it.


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