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Vaze Electronic cigarettes

The use of the electronic cigarette has increased in the last few years, as more and more people choose it as a substitute for the traditional cigarette. However, to choose a kit it's not easy as there are many manufacturers and models available. It can be complicated and stressful at the same time.
A very good and spread option are the POD’s. This type of cigarette mixes the best of beginner and advanced kits. Its small size is something very comfortable when using it. If we add to this that they have a high power, we have a very good product in our hands.
Vaze electronic cigarettes are a great example of POD's. These type of cigarettes use a cartridge called Pod instead of a traditional tank or atomizer. Inside this cartridge there is the liquid that we inhale and a coil. There are two types of cartridges: disposable cartridges and those with replaceable coil. The rest of the device is very similar to any electronic cigarette. Vaze electronic cigarette is very small, so it could even be said that it resembles a lighter or a USB device, becoming one of the smallest on the market.
Its light and comfortable design makes it easy to use. Moreover, it has an indicator to see the remaining amount of battery. This cigarette can be found in four different colors: purple, black, pearl white and rose gold.
POD electronic cigarettes use two types of cartridges, open and closed one. The open ones can be filled with any kind of e-liquid. However the closed ones can not be refilled, so you will need to buy a new POD to continue vaping. Vaze electronic cigarettes use closed cartridges.

If you want to quit smoking in a simple and comfortable way, Pods are a kind of electronic cigarette that will easily adapt to your needs, since its functionality is very simple while being very practical.

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