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Electronic Cigarettes kits

Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes

The cigarette or electronic cigarette is a substitute for traditional cigarette, but with a number of advantages that make it an ideal choice for those who want to quit smoking or continue smoking safer and in a cheaper way.
The electronic cigarette, also known as e-cig or e-cigarette consists of a battery, and clearomizer and e-liquid. These 3 elements can be purchased independently or jointly purchasing a kit.
The battery is the power source of the electronic cigarette and supplies power to clearomizer, energy used to heat resistance found therein. Thanks to the heat generated by the resistance, the e-liquid, previously poured in the clearomizer turns into steam, which is finally inhaled.
This vapor is completely harmless, and is composed by flavoring (no harmful substances that give a particular taste), propylene glycol (an additive used in foods) and in some cases nicotine.
Electronic cigarettes simulate, in short, the act of smoking, but without the presence of combustion, and therefore smoke. Through this simulation, it can effectively combat both the physical addiction and the psychological addition. Physical addiction is achieved putting aside the harmful smoke thanks to the inhalation of vapor with nicotine and psychological addiction is achieved with the substitution of traditional cigarette by the electronic one, which allows not having to give up the habits acquired over the years. The act of inhaling and exhaling steam (known as vaping) allows the smoker to compensate the absence of snuff and reducing the chances of relapse.

Electronic Cigarette Kits

In this section you will find a wide variety of electronic cigarette kits (both standard and disposable).
Our kits include everything you need to start vaping (except the e-liquid): one or two batteries (depending on the kit), clearomizers one or two (depending on the kit), a USB cable, a power adapter, an instruction manual and a needle bottle (in certain kits).
We also have disposable electronic cigarettes. These ones are ready to use and do not require any extra accessory. As the name suggests, they have a limited life and can not be used again once the battery has been consumed.


Once decided what kit to buy, you must acquire e-liquid to use the electronic cigarette. In our e-liquids department you can find e-liquid with or without nicotine, different flavors and bottles of various sizes. They are liquids of the prestigious Hangsen brand, all at the best price guaranteed.

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