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Mono eJuice

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If we talk about brands that stand out in the world of vaping, it is impossible not to mention mono E-Juice since June 2017 it has not stopped growing.

The brand's catalog, although not very extensive, does respond to the feeling of quality and effort that its creator has instilled since its inception. Its flavors, in addition to being excellently worked, are very own and indigenous.

Vaping with Monkey E-Juice

Each of the e-liquids of this brand seeks daring and innovation, something that the rest of the competitors hardly achieve.
The mono E-Juice brand was born from the love that Julio Ruades, also known as the ‚Äúmono vapeador‚ÄĚ, has for e-liquids and electronic cigarettes in general.
After many years in the world of vaping, Julio wanted to start his own brand of liquids for vaping and began to market flavors that had been in the testing phase for several years.

Testing the mono E-liquids

Here at Enspirar we have the most popular flavors of mono E-liquids that we invite you to try. Among them we have, for example, the Monkey Road that comes to skip all the rules of the rest of existing e-liquids.
It is a liquid with a strong aroma of tobacco but with very creamy notes, being an e-liquid that stands out among the rest. It cannot be compared to any other flavor you have tried before.
On the other hand we have the Milky Way. It is one of the sweetest and most greedy mono E-liquids that you can imagine. Its flavor is reminiscent of the long-awaited rice pudding dessert that Grandma used to prepare.
Whether to enjoy yourself or to spend a very pleasant time, this brand of e-liquids stands out for the quality and excellence of all its flavors. You will find all of them here in Enspirar.
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