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Vap Fip (Molecules)

When it comes to exotic and strong aromas, there is no doubt that the Vap Fip brand is an absolute gem among e-liquid connoisseurs. It is a brand that always thinks of aromas and flavors that stand out above the rest.

If you want to know a little more about the Vap Fip brand, we urge you to continue reading the following information, since it will be of interest to you.

Vap Fip and its history

It all started in 2013, being one of the first manufacturers nationwide. It specialized in e-liquids and also produced for other brands, thus incorporating a collaboration and contribution of raw materials and various components.
After rapid growth and good industry recognition, the company launched into the international market.
Within its extensive catalog we wanted to select a very important and special aroma. This is Koolada in its 10ml presentation from the Molecule Cooler series. Its menthol-like ice effect is extremely refreshing. Something that Vap Fip E-liquids have always placed special emphasis on.

Vap Fip e-liquids, the best

Another of the flavors that we want to recommend is Ethyl, an Ethyl Maltol Molecule. What sets these e-liquids apart from many others on the market is that Vap Fip E-liquids are created with a 10% dilution. This makes them ideal to be able to enhance almost all the flavors and in this way find that sweetness that is so desired and sought after.
There is no doubt that these e-liquids are authentic jewels and that they have been created for the enjoyment and accompaniment of other products. You can find all of them here at unbeatable prices.
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