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Babel e-liquids

Within the world of electronic cigarettes, there are countless brands of e-liquids. Babel brand has recently appeared on the market and has had an unusual acceptance. As with the tower with the same name, which represents wanting to reach the sky, with Babel e-liquids you will have the same feeling. This is the philosophy that has given them such good results to date.
Its range of liquids includes refreshing, exotic, fruity flavors and also tobacco flavors, which you will find in 10ml bottles. And for those who want to give up nicotine little by little, they have different concentrations ranging between 0 and 12 mg. You can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine starting with higher doses and decrease it until it reaches 0 mg.
Babel is a brand that has a very clear objective and takes as a reference the true meaning of the legendary tower.

Babel has unique flavors

Lemon lime: if you are a citrus lover, you will love this refreshing e-liquid as you will feel as if you were on an island or on a beach.
Strawberry: another delicious flavor to satisfy any sweet fruity craving.
Menthol: if you are a lover of the minty flavor, you will be able to feel the freshness in each puff.
Orinoco: it is a wonderful combination of fruits of tropical origin to obtain a very intense flavor as if you were in the middle of the Caribbean.
Harlem: a very peculiar flavor of this brand inspired by the delicacies that abound on the streets of the city of Manhattan. Flavor of jam-filled donuts. An incredibly sweet and very New Yorker flavor.
Tobacco: Babel has several tobacco flavors: intense, tobacco with mint or tobacco with caramel. The latter in particular has a tobacco flavor with a sweet hint of caramel.
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