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eGo Batteries

eGo Batteries

eGo is a type of thread, which together with the 510 is the most standardized on the market.
This type of battery has a child-resistant system, since the power button on the power supply is activated by a five-click system. These batteries are very efficient and easy to use, resulting in a unique and very popular product in the world of vaping.
They are basic batteries for vapers looking for a durable, practical power source that at the same time offers controlled power. They are simple in style, easy to use and very easy to carry.
As we discussed earlier, the on and off system is activated by a 5 clicks system. It is a high security system to prevent it from being turned on by accident. Most eGo models have this feature, so some e-cigarette companies may not specifically mention it in their advertising.
In the event that you use an eGo threaded battery and your e-cigarette does not work but the battery does turn on when connected to a charger, the safety function is most likely enabled. To disable this feature, quickly press the battery button five times in a row. As soon as the light blinks, the e-cig is ready for use.
Many vapers and ex-smokers use eGo batteries to transition to Mods. There are also many vapers who prefer to use such a battery full time due to its simple design and easy setup.
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