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Voopoo electronic cigarettes

Voopoo electronic cigarettes

VOOPOO Tech company develops high-quality mods and starter kits for the electronic cigarette industry. Popularized by the famous DRAG 157W Box with the iconic resin display, Voopoo e-cigarettes are known for their sophistication and smooth operation.
Established in 2014, Voopoo e-cigars are one of the fastest growing vaping companies in the industry, with cutting-edge devices in all power ranges.
Before the Voopoo company joined this industry, it was dedicated to serving both the medical and industrial fields. With such a firm footing in the tech industry, it was obvious that the marriage of Voopoo and the e-cigarette industry was destined to happen. And it did.
With a product line ranging from pocket e-cigarettes to powerful box mods or sub ohm vaping tanks for the most enthusiastic, Voopoo demonstrates its tireless pursuit of technological development and its desire to continually create products with exquisite designs and brimming with quality. .
Voopoo e-cigars come from a manufacturer known for its commitment to durable and versatile products. The GENE chip is an innovation in the world of vaping that brings together a large number of functions to customize the kit in terms of power and many parameters.
The GENE chip has a very fast acceleration time to be able to power the atomizer in fractions of a second and vaporize the e-liquid. Devices that use the GENE chip are the ones as following: Voopoo Drag, Voopoo Drag Mini and Voopoo Drag 2 e-cigarettes among many others.
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