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eGo Atomizers

eGo Atomizers

The eGo atomizers are called this way for the type of the thread that they use. This thread is the most common in the electronic cigarettes market and used by most manufacturers. This standardization of the thread allows users to have a wide range of atomizers to chose from. The CE4+, the CE5 and CE5+, are the most popular. They are atomizers at an affordable price but of high quality and great vapor production. These atomizers are compatible with any eGo threaded battery.

The difference between them is given by the type of coil used. Both CE4+ and CE5+ claromizers have replaceable coils. That is, once the coils reach the end of their useful life, they can be replaced with new ones. Thus, we can build on a claromizer without buying a new one and save money. However, the coil is not replaceable for CE5 claromizers, so we have to discard the coil once it comes to its end.

The CE4+, CE5 and CE5+ coils incorporate a wick in the central tube. This wick is impregnated of e-liquid to vapor and then inhaled by the user. While in the CE4+ claromizer this wick is visible, in the CE5 and CE5+ claromizers is hidden within the central tube.

All our claromizers are sealed and have the guarantee and quality of Enspirar.

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