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E-smart Batteries

The e-smart batteries are unique both for its design and its compatibility. It is a battery with a very innovative style and an innovative design and are only compatible with e-smart claromizers as its thread is not standard in the market. The e-smart thread only accepts products with this type of thread, making them incompatible with other types like the eGo or 510.

Despite its small size and weight, they are batteries with amazing features and exceptional quality. Its 320mAh of power will let you vape for hours and just charge it in 2 hours. Being such a small size allows you to carry it around with hardly noticing it and to store it anywhere. They are available in various colors and at really affordable prices.

They have a 5 click a safety system that lets you turn them off if necessary, to save battery or to prevent any accident with your electronic cigarette.

In our section of claromizers and accessories you can find spare parts for this battery at a very affordable prices, with the warranty and experience that Enspirar offers you.

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