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Introduction to diposable cigarettes

Introduction to disposable electronic cigarettes

In this section you will find disposable electronic cigarettes, a kind of product that can only be used once. They can not be recharged or any part be replaced. Its use is limited to the life of the battery, being unable to extend it.

Their main advantage is its ease of use as they come completely ready to vape. There is no need to purchase any liquid or accessory to use them as the battery and the atomizer can not be separated. They are joined forming a single piece. Simply aspire by the nozzle located at one end and vape until the battery runs out of energy. Although small in size, these cigarettes allow you to vape for hours and enjoy great taste since the battery and the atomizer are made with high quality materials.

These cigarettes are ideal for beginners, as they do not need to be set up and they are really small. They are a perfect option to get to know the wide range of products on the market in a simple and cheap way. Once you have tried them, you can buy a more advanced kit that will give you more power and autonomy or keep on vaping in a more comfortable way with these disposable cigarettes.

We have several flavors (snuff, banana, apple, cherry) and powers for all types of users (from 0mg to 18mg).

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