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Justfog Coils

Justfog coils

Justfog took electronic cigarettes to another level with its most innovative Pod-style electronic cigarette. It is a company that is based in South Korea and has had tremendous success with its Minifit kit.
Although Justfog has factories in China, its products maintain 100% Korean quality and it is for this reason that the brand is one of the most popular in the vaping world.
The vision of this company is to improve the quality of life of all those people who have decided to quit the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes and avoid all the harmful substances that they leave in our body.

Justfog Minifit Pod

For those beginners, Juftfog offers the Minifit kit. It is a kit that can be used with the minimum battery while maintaining high performance.
The minifit kit is a device with an ergonomic design, with a constant voltage output, with a LED light indicator, with a 370 mAh battery (which can be operated by pressing a single button) and with a pod that uses Justfog 1.60 ohm coils. 
It is one of the smallest pod systems on the market, making it perfect to carry around and keep it comfortably in your pocket.

Justfog coils for any device

In case the time comes to change the coil of your kit, in Enspirar, you will find any coil you need for your starter kit (C14, G14, P14, P16, P16A, Q14, Q16 and S14) at 1.2 ohm and 1.6 ohm.
This type of coils are made with 100% organic cotton material and NiCr wire. The organic cotton used for these Justfog coils is not bleached by chemical processes, it is totally natural and it is what gives the inhaled liquid a pure flavor.
For the Fog 1 range, we have 0.50 ohm and 0.80 ohm coils available. By replacing it, you will be extending the life of your electronic cigarette.
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