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Bases for vaping

The objective of the bases for vaping is to be able to create your own liquids and customize them to suit you. Starting from a base, adding an aroma and nicotine (in case the user wants it) you can create a great mixture. In addition, the final price will be significantly lower than buying a ready-to-vape liquid. At Enspirar we have everything you need so that you can create your own mixes at very affordable prices. We have a wide variety of bases with different proportions of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) that we are sure will be to your liking.
One of the best-selling brands is The Ark. The Ark bases are available in 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and even 1000ml bottles. We also sell other brands with a great reputation in the market such as Oil4Vap, Atmos Lab or Vap Fip. All of them are made with high quality raw materials and at unbeatable prices.
You can add any type of nicokit to all these bases for vaping and thus obtain the desired nicotine concentration. We have them in a wide variety of formats: with a high concentration of PG, with a high concentration of VG or in intermediate concentrations. Another option to take into account are the Oil4Vap Fast4Vap bases, which offer a fast maceration and with full guarantee.
Finally, just remind you that to get a good mix of nicotine, aroma and base it is important to shake it well and let it rest for the time recommended by the manufacturer. Do not hesitate, buy one of our bases and enjoy a long vape at incredible prices.
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