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Anyone who has started in the world of vaping knows that one of the essential parts of an electronic cigarette are the glasses or tanks. It is a very fragile part that often breaks and for this reason we have a multitude of glasses for your e-cig.
At Enspirar you can purchase your glass or tank at the best guaranteed price. We have a large multitude of brands allowing your electronic cigarette to last for years and years.

What are Glasses and Tanks?

The glasses are responsible for keeping the liquid inside the tanks to vape in a sealed way, without cracks.
A tank, for its part, is the device that contains the glass, the coil and even a drip tip. The function of the tank is basically to connect to the battery and heat the liquid, to later produce the vapor that is going to be inhaled.

The best Glasses/Tanks

At Enspirar you will find a wide range of vaping glasses and vaping tanks from the top brands on the market.
Look at our online catalog and you will find from large 8ml glasses to small 1.9ml glasses. We also offer different designs to suit your needs and the type of vaper you have.
At Enspirar we can send you the product of your choice within 24 hours. In addition, all our vape glasses and tanks have a 2-year warranty and are CE certified.
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