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Rebuidable / DIY


Whether you are a beginner, an experienced vaper or want to get into the fascinating world of vaping, you have the chance to experience DIY vaping. And even more if you have a rebuidable vaping atomizer and the necessary parts and tools to do it.

Rebuidable Atomizers

Rebuidable vaping atomizers, unlike clearomizers, do not use commercial coils.
It is you who must design the coil and make it to your needs. This is achieved by threading and shaping it with pliers. In this way you can achieve the desired power and flavor. In addition, it is an alternative that allows us to change certain pieces without having to completely discard its structure.

Find all kinds of Rebuidables here

At Enspirar you will find a wide range of rebuidables for vaping, as well as tools so you can create your own coils.
Some of the options available in the Enspirar catalog are:
Cotton: It is organic cotton and processed to obtain a pure fiber to be able to be inhaled.
Tool kit: Contains all the necessary accessories to repair the atomizer: pliers, tweezers, screwdrivers, scissors, coil kit, etc.
Wire: It can be made of different metals depending on the type of coil you want to build: nickel, stainless steel, kanthal, titanium and others. Once the metal is heated it offers a distinct taste feeling.
Select the rebuidable you require and receive it within 24 hours.
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