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Halo e-liquids

Halo e-liquids are 100% American manufactured liquids, tested and packaged in the United States. They are liquids of a supreme quality, with 100% natural flavors and with a high steam production. Halo is an American multinational company with hundreds of employees and distributors worldwide and a high reputation in the manufacture of e-liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Halo has 4 basic premises to produce its liquids, which are as following: taste, throat blow, steam production and quality control.


The taste of the e-liquid is really important, as it is the first thing we noticed when we vape. It is for this reason that Halo has worked hard on getting a unique and genuine flavor through natural products, adding high quality aromas and perfecting it with hundreds of hours of work.

Hit throat

This name is given to the feeling that you get when vaping, when the nicotine reaches the throat and produces a similar feeling to a traditional cigarette. One way to achieve this feeling is to increase the level of nicotine liquid, but what about those vapers who want to experience a stroke throat with a low level of nicotine? Halo with his new formula in the production of e-liquid has achieved this throat stroke with any nicotine level. Now vapers can enjoy this throat stroke without the need to increase the level of nicotine in their electronic cigarettes.

Steam production

The third basic premise for Halo is the steam production. Steam is the "smoke" that vapers exhale and is strongly influenced by the quality of the e-liquid. Halo has worked effusively in this area to achieve a high steam production exhale, very similar to the traditional snuff that will satisfy the most demanding vapers.

Quality control

The fourth premise and most important is the quality control. The Halo liquids are produced in the United States under strict technical and sanitary supervision in a laboratory and adequate facilities for the production of this type of product and conducted by specialized chemicals with appropriate procedures and standards.

The levels of nicotine in e-liquid are tested periodically to ensure proper concentration and come packaged, sealed and with an expiration date.

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