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Vaporesso atomizers

Vaporesso atomizers

At Enspirar we have the best products available on the market. It is for this reason that we offer different types and brands of atomizers.

Vaporesso has earned a place in the world of electronic cigarettes, since it has become one of the most popular due to its indisputable quality. Its kits are well known for their efficiency and for being ideal for a large number of consumers. The same goes for its wide range of atomizers.
Many users choose this atomizer brand for its high power range, its replaceable coils or because they offer dry vaping among many other options.

Different types of Vaporesso atomizers

In our catalog you will find different types of Vaporesso atomizers. Before buying one, we recommend that you read this short explanation about the different features that each model offers.

Vaporesso Veco atomizer

We offer this atomizer in the 2ml version. It is very easy to refill and to adjust the air intake. It uses the well-known EUC coils, with a power range between 35-55W. These coils are very easy to replace and at a very low price.

Vaporesso Cascade atomizer

It is an atomizer with a 2ml tank, that uses EUC replaceable coils but it is also compatible with GT coils for a power range between 25W and 200W. The coil of this atomizer is isolated, so the original flavor of the e-liquid can not be altered.
We also offer atomizers such as the Renova, Guardian, NRG, Drizzle, VM, Aurora, SKRR-S and Estoc.

Buy Vaporesso atomizer in Enspirar

Once we have chosen the atomizer to buy, the next step is to install it and use it properly. Although they are high quality products, they must be treated with care to avoid spoiling or deteriorating them. For this reason, if you want to buy a Vaporesso atomizer, there are some steps to follow.
The first thing we should know is if the chosen atomizer is compatible with our kit. Also, when filling the atomizer it's very important to pour the e-liquid with care, avoiding it to fall through the hole where the steam comes out. Also remember not to fill it to the brim. Leave 1 or 2mm of margin. Finally, pay attention to the coil you will use, as some may not be compatible.
Taking care of your electronic cigarette is really important. Try to be very careful when handling it, replacing the coil, filling the tank or even when cleaning it.
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