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Twelve Monkeys

There is a wide variety of high-quality e-liquids on the market. However, when we talk about Twelve Monkeys we are talking about one of the most popular brands in the world of vaping.

Since its inception, this brand has created excellent quality liquids and flavors and today it is positioned as one of the leaders in terms of exotic and tropical flavors.
It has a wide catalog of flavors for the most refined palates. A brand with a great international reputation and in full expansion.

Knowing a little more about Twelve Monkeys

This company continues to seek ways to offer higher quality liquids and increasingly original flavors. They are liquids that use an appropriate amount of VG and with a pre-maceration system that makes them unique.
A very important aspect to take into account is that each of its mixtures has a pre-maceration as an initial process that lasts about 2 weeks. Subsequently, it goes to the bottling phase. This ensures that the liquid is at its highest point of concentration.
It is for all these reasons that Twelve Monkeys has become a well-known brand worldwide and continues to create exquisite aromas through a traditional and chemical process.

Aromas and flavors of Twelve Monkeys E-liquids

The Twelve Monkeys E-liquids come in 50ml bottles as the Macaraz liquid, which offers a smooth note of French macaroon with almonds and hazelnuts.
Another good option offered by Twelve Monkeys E-liquids is the 50ml Patas Pipe. It is a liquid with a delicious aroma of vanilla and chocolate. All these flavors and aromas can be found here at Enspirar.
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