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eGo Kits

eGo Electronic Cigarette Kits

In this section you will find a wide variety of high quality eGo kits and the best price guaranteed. The eGo kits are named for the type of thread that its batteries and claromizers use (eGo is a standard in the electronic cigarette industry). There are other types of threads such as 510, although the eGo is the most common and standardized.

We offer basic, unitary and dual kits. The basic kits are designed for vapers that want to start using electronic cigarettes because they are the cheapest and because they include all you need to start vaping (a battery, a claromizer and a charger) apart from the e-liquid . Unitary kits, unlike the basic kits include a case and an empty bottle too. And in the doubles kits 2 batteries and 2 claromizers are included. Double kits are also available in the LED version, which differ from other kits because they include 2 batteries with little lights on the bottom that turn on when vaping.

Once you've purchased a kit, you only have to buy a bottle of e-liquid and refill the claromizer with the flavor that you like to start vaping. In our e-liquid section you can find a variety of flavors and strengths and choose the one that most suits your tastes.

Also in our section of batteries and accessories you will find a wide range of high quality products compatible with eGo electronic cigarettes and with the best price guaranteed.

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