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Vapemoniadas e-liquids

When we talk about liquids to vape with style, comfort and quality, to many users Vapemoniadas brand come to their mind. It is an excellent product that provides the consumer with a high degree of satisfaction, managing to calm the urge to smoke.
Vapemoniadas liquids come in various fruit flavors: watermelon, coconut and even fragrances like violet. All these flavors of Vapemoniadas are of the highest quality and with more than real aromas.
One of the flagship flavors marketed by this brand is Draculin by Vapemoniadas, which offers an extravagant flavor. Its nuance of strawberry lolly with vanilla ice cream will completely refresh your palate and at the same time you will notice its pleasant Coca-Cola notes.
The Vapemoniadas Draculin comes packaged in a 50ml bottle and with a PG/VG percentage of 30% and 70% respectively. This unusual and mysterious flavor more than fulfills the fundamental idea that the brand has had since its foundation: to surprise the consumer with something very different from what was previously tried. That is why Draculin from Vapemoniadas is one of the favorites for vaping lovers. To this day, it remains faithful to its roots and its tradition.
Another of the flavors that adds to the variety of liquids of this brand is Los coquitos de Vapemoniadas. These are Titita coquitos specially made for this flavor. These Vapemoniadas coquitos are made with a special traditional recipe. Thanks to this recipe you get the aroma and nuances of coconut zest, sugar, egg and other secret ingredients that make the mixture a real delicacy for your electronic cigarette.
All these vaping liquids, including the coquitos from Vapemoniadas, are produced under strict safety regulations. They are delivered sealed and with their proper safety covers so that children cannot accidentally open them.
These liquids can be mixed with any type of nicokit to obtain the desired level of nicotine.
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